Weekly Programs

Ease, enjoy and empower by joining our meditation sessions. 

We offer a variety of 30 min to 1 h meditation sessions in the mornings, during midday and in the evenings.

They are a great opportunity to get to know us, to visit us more often and meet likeminded people. 

Please register using the calendar on the right.


    • Mondays  6 - 6.30 pm  -  Meditation 30 min, followed by one of the regular courses till 8 pm
    • Tuesdays  12.30 - 1.15 pm  -  Lunchtime Meditation Break
    • Tuesdays  7 - 8 pm  -  Sydney Gay Meditation Group
    • Thursdays  6 - 6.30 pm  -  Meditation 30 min, followed by one of the regular courses till 8 pm
    • Saturday 5.30 - 6.00 pm  -  Inner Power Meditation
    • Sundays  5.30 - 6.00 pm  -  Silent Meditation
    • Sundays  5:.30 - 6.30 pm  -  Meditation for World Peace (3rd Sunday each month)

    NOTE: This schedule might change at any time on public holidays and during the summer holidays. Please always consult the actual program calendar for actual event dates. 


    Our programs are suitable for people of all ages, cultures and faith.  No prior knowledge or experience is required to join our sessions. Anyone with an open mind is welcome. Our programs are inspired and based on the meditation practice of Raja Yoga from the Brahma Kumaris. All events are offered free of charge with admission by donation.


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    Lunchtime Meditation Break


    Thought reflections and guided meditation.

    Each session has a topic which is announced in the program. 

    Sydney Gay Meditation Group


    Guided meditations lead by a variety of presenters of different beliefs and practices.

    Everyone is welcome. 

    Thursday Talk


    The talks will inspire and motivate everyone with an open mind. The novice as well as the  experienced meditators will be able to take something home from each session.

    Come, listen and get inspired of how to bring spirituality daily into your personal and professional life in a very practical way.



    The program will start with half an hour of silent meditation followed by the talk or workshop of 45 min with closing questions and answers.



    We invite experienced meditators to share their wisdom and to inspire the audience with their practical life experiences, wisdom and stories

    Meditation Sessions


    Anyone can join our different meditation sessions. You can sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor. No special clothing needed. Duration is 30 min or 60 min.


    Silent Meditation

    Silent Meditation is one hour of silent meditation every Sunday evening. Share and spread for one hour peaceful thoughts and vibrations into the world.


    World Meditation Hour

      Every 3. Sunday of each month we have World Meditation Hour.

      During the session a special audio visual commentary is played to support the meditation.

      World Meditation Hour is practised world wide at all Brahma Kumaris meditation centres.

      Come and join us for this special hour of self reflection and personal empowerment. Re-generate your energies for the coming week.


      Healing Meditation

      Relax the body, clear the mind + heal the heart with the sound of crystal singing bowls


      Relaxing Meditation

       Half an hour guided relaxation and visualization to simply step back from it all, de-clutter your head space and just be.


      Body Scan Meditation

      Fill your body with peace by listening to the divine sound of Tibetan singing bowls and a guided commentary


      White Light Meditation

      Relax, Let Go + Flow to the sound of Crystal singing bowls + a guided meditation


      Stillness Meditation

      Relax body and soul and enter a pool of silence deep inside yourself by listening to a guided meditation and the divine sounds of chimes and Tibetan and crystal singing bowls.


      Wellness Sound Massage

      This meditation fosters wellness and relaxation of the mind, body and soul.     This sound massage with Tibetan and crystal singing bowls create a subtle sound vibration, that massages gently your whole body to sustain a healthy, harmonious and happy life and to cultivate emotional balance.


      Mindfulness Meditation

      Raising your awareness to the present and experience life with openness, curiosity and a willingness to be with what is. If we are able to do this, we benefit both physically and spiritually. Experience easy steps and ways to be mindful in daily life to achieve a new level of self-awareness, self-understanding and reap the long-term rewards of better health.


      Self-Care Meditation

      How to nurture yourself and your inner resources by learning simple, positive and constructive ways to practice self-care. This meditation fosters the development of a healthy, harmonious and happy life and cultivating emotional balance

      Morning Meditation & Class 


      All people who have attended the Introduction Course (Foundation Course) in mediation are welcome to join the morning meditation & class sessions which start with 30 min of silent meditation followed by a reading for 30 min.

      Morning Meditation sessions are not listed in the Events Listing or Events Calendar

      For morning meditation bookings are not needed, however if you plan to come for the first time its good to let us know.


      Weekly Schedule

      • Tuesday  6.30 - 7.30 am  -  Meditation + Class
      • Thursday  6.30 - 7.30 am  -  Meditation + Class
      • Saturday  7.00 - 8.00 am  -  Meditation + Class