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Weekly Programs

Ease - Enjoy - Empower

Ease in our meditation sessions in the morning, during midday or in the evenings and Enjoy feeling Empowered when ever you come. 


Regular Courses

Learn - Experiment - Grow

Learn more about yourself by joining our regular practical meditation and personal development courses. Experiment with any suggested exercises on a daily basis and make them your own. Grow with each experience in the direction you like to improve on and become a stronger and more balanced version of yourself.


Special Events

Discover - Try - Repeat

Discover something new at our special interest groups, workshops and concerts. Try new ideas out for yourself. Repeat those ideas and exercises which work for you. 


Online Community

Connect - Like - Share

Connect when you have time and from where ever you are. Like comments and posts you resonate with and are inspired by.  Share and participate in honest and helpful conversations to further yourself and the community.