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Can we find Meaning and Purpose beyond Religion?

How do we create fulfilling, valuable, and authentic lives without a guru or savior? Defining ourselves and how we wish to live in the 21st century opens exciting vistas that can lead us away from rituals, traditional theologies, ideologies, and ‘grand theories,’ that explain ‘everything’.

Judith Pemell will open a conversation exploring the next wave of spirituality: how to add value to our lives, the importance of questioning everything from firmly held beliefs to doubts, living an ethical and integrated existence as part of a progressive and aware community that seeks to create a global consciousness based on connection, caring and truth, and finally, transcending the fear and mistrust that permeate human existence. A meditator for 33 years, Judith has authored two books, and worked in psychotherapy and mental health for 26 years.

Earlier Event: July 20
Later Event: July 21
Golden Light Meditation