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Simple Life Series - To Live with Intent + a Life of Purpose # 5

Goals are just Dreams with Deadlines

Simplicity is one of the most valuable + yet most underrated qualities you can strive to embrace in your life. Simplicity represents clarity, presence and freedom from effort. When you simplify your life, you effectively clear your mind so you can continue on your journey with confidence and motivation. To achieve this you need to rid the clutter from your daily life and with these simple strategies, you can simplify your routines, free your mind + create clear objectives. From there you can achieve balance and start to build a structure to support your vision for the future.

“When setting goals, start with the big picture. When you begin with your end vision, including those big dreams and lofty, pie-in-the-sky ambitions, you can work out how to break them down into smaller wins, with each step taking you closer to your end goal”

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Healing Meditation
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World Meditation Hour