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Seeing Into Being

Creating a New World together - This is an international BK initiative to invite everyone to see into being a radically different world - a world of beauty, truth and goodness.

Is it possible to stop struggling in your life and find joy and fulfillment in this moment? How well we love and relate, depends on how we emptied our minds of ideas, concepts and expectations and gone beyond our ego - beyond the sense of insufficiency, unhappiness, incompleteness and discontent that inevitably traps us. This is a journey to connect to a deeper place, where ego doesn’t matter anymore. The entire universe exits because of the tension between the opposites. We cannot get rid of polarities on the level of form, but can transcend the polarities through surrender into silence, getting in touch with a deeper place within yourself, where polarities no longer exist. They continue to exist on the outer level. However, even there, something changes in the way in which they manifest in your life when you are in a state of acceptance, in a more benign and gentle way. When we no longer perceive the world as hostile, there is no more fear and you think, speak and act differently. Love and compassion arise and they affect the world. That which is beyond form shines through the form, the eternal shines through the form into this world of form. The ‘lack of reaction’ means that the polarities are no longer fueled and they start to collapse. No one is an enemy anymore, the opposite becomes weak and begins to dissolve and that is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it. Ready to create a new world together? Lets do it Now _ Together! How? Lets get creative. Come and join engaging conversations, expressive arts activities and creative meditations.

Earlier Event: November 29
Sydney Gay Meditation Group
Later Event: December 1
Wellness Sound Massage