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Women Empowerment Group - Stumbles, Falls and Leaps - all part of the Dance of Life

Gentle Men welcome!

‘Taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a cha cha cha’ Our first speaker in 2015 is Kate Clement and she lifted this little quote from Facebook in January and it was a lovely reminder of how life is a dance. Sometimes our training into rational, goal-oriented thinking obscures from us this reality. Everything in the cosmos is dancing, constantly changing evolving and moving, including us, who are part of this cosmic dance. This evening is a talk and some experience that will invite us to connect in a playful, experimental and more ‘trusting relationship’ with life. Our experience will be inspired by Biodanza, a system thatenables greater confidence and joy in the dance of life.

Guest speaker: Kate Clement, lived and worked in South Africa for 16 yearts where she studied the 3 year Biodanza training and worked with Biodanza in companies, governments and NGOs in schools, clinics and social projects. She trained with Biodanza founder Rolando Toro in Brazil. When her heart called her to live in Australia she returned to Sydney and is now the Director of the Biodanza School of Australia, training facilitators and offering Biodanza in Sydney and Canberra to the public and companies/organisationss. ‘Biodanza has taken me dancing all over the world and into contact with extraordinary people sharing this gift.