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Hommage to a Courageous Man Brahma Baba - A Knowledge Revolution - Liberty - Equality - Brotherhood

A slogan of empowerment and values since the Age of Enlightenment. These principles are not only valuable in the light of the current French affairs but are also the foundation of what Brahma Baba taught + practiced from 1937 on, when he established the Brahma Kumaris schools of spiritual enlightenment and became such an amazing role model for thousands.  This unified knowledge and the power of beneficial qualities and activities are inseparable. They demonstrate an innate responsiveness to the deep yearning among mankind for greater clarity, openness and freedom in understanding the nature of reality.

On this day we will be remembering and honouring this courageous man, who believed in these values and liberated girls and women in Pakistan (then still India) in the thirties, way before women’s lib started in the West and not only liberated, but empowered them, by supporting and guiding them to become todays spiritual leaders and administrators of the Brahma Kumaris - a multi award winning and highly respected world wide organisiation with over 8.000 centers in 135 countries, affiliated with different activity statuses to the United Nations as an NGO and being in the forefront of renewable energies, that are used extensively at the Headquarter in Mt Abu since decades. The largest solar power plant in Asia is nearing completion at the BK headquarter and has been generously supported by the Indian and German governments and scientific research centers.
Freedom - for the benefit of all.      

Meditation - Talk and Conversation - A light snack and refreshments will be served 

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