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Women Empowerment Group - Healing and Nourishment

Women Empowerment Group - Gentle Men welcome! - Healing and Nourishment through the power of the Crystal - Bringing positive energy into your everyday life

You are invited to a real treat this time. We have invited Christine Reid, who uses her wisdom of the Ancient Atlantian Mastery of the power of crystals to awaken your higher heart vibrational frequency. This inter-dimensional healing enables profound transformation and balance on all levels as you energetically resonate with higher healing energies. Christine conducts supportive workshops and women’s groups which create a powerful journey of self discovery, empowerment and sacred healing. Christine will play a huge range of crystal bowls for us on the night and take us to places of divine relaxation you may never have experienced before - expect an amazing journey for your body + soul.

Guest speaker: Christine Reid, licensed meditation facilitator, she holds a diploma in Crystal Therapy + certificate in Reiki, Flower of Life and Color Therapy and is a member of The International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.