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Wed 28.5.2014 / 6.30 - 8 pm / Women Empowerment Group - Soul Singing with Angels

Women Empowerment Group - Gentle Men welcome! - Soul Singing with Angels and other friends, a musical journey

Heather Lee will share with us her spiritual journey in a world she creates and surrounds herself with of music and connecting to sublime realms through her divine voice. She sang at the White House and United Nations, the Sydney 2000 Olympics, been the recorded voice for major events such as the Asian Games and Winter Olympics, as well as major cultural events such as touring of the Dead See Scrolls, the Khalili collection of Islamic Art and Maharajah of Jodhpur’s Sacred Art collection. Heather is committed to singing the sacred and has taken many listeners to the spiritual heights in her recordings and concerts. She has made a number of discs for the ABC including The Sacred Fire and music of Hildegard of Bingen.

Guest speaker: Heather Lee, Soprano, performs solo and mostly with Prof Kim Cunio

This dynamic group meets fortnightly, focusing on a particular topic, to explore practical spiritual strength in everyday life. We invite outstanding women for a short talk on the topic which is followed by an interactive group discussion that explores the topic further. Our group is open to all, is non-denominational and welcomes those wishing to develop self-understanding in a friendly supportive environment; come and discover + nourish your authentic self. There will be meditation, talk, dialogue + networking.