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Wed 30.4.2014 / 6.30 - 8 pm / Women Empowerment Group - Being Scarlett_Love_Dream_Believe

Women Empowerment Group - Gentle Men welcome! - Being Scarlett_Love_Dream_Believe

It has been a long journey and heaps of searching to find happiness. Scarlett Vespa will share her experiences to help others find their happy place. Scarlett is nicknamed the ‘Queen of Personal Development’, as she tried nearly every self-development course, read every book and went to every type of healer to explore how to have the best of life. However, she has on the ohter hand helped many to become celebreties or find their paths to happiness. Scarlett will share her experiences and other tools that keep her on track to a happy life.

Guest speaker: Scarlet Vespa, Personal Brand Specialist, Producer/Director, Radio & TV Presenter