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Wed 2.4.2014 / 6.30 - 7.30 pm / Self Esteem Seminar: What is real Self Confidence #1

Self Esteem Seminar: What is real Self Confidence #1 (4 sessions) Know Yourself - Discover your Positive Self. Real self-esteem is when, no matter what anyone says or does, you can respond positively. You do not need to get upset because you value yourself. With self-esteem you can progress in life with spirituality, empowerment and leadership.
This is a dynamic and interactive 4-session course focusing on experiencing and accepting the eternal inner beauty within each one of us, and living it powerfully and consciously in all life's relationships.
Discover the secrets of self-esteem and uncover the way to a happy and balanced life. Learn how to:
* discover and know the true you
* accept your uniqueness and identify your personal strengths and abilities * make the right choices to maintain inner balance
* realise your purpose and become the best you can be