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Wed 12.3.2014 / 6.30 - 8 pm / Women Empowerment Group - The Prospects of Young Women

Women Empowerment Group - The Prospects of Young Women
We invited two young women who are actively involved in women’s empowerment through their career choices and community work. They will share their perspectives and hopes for an effective change for the place of women.

Guest speakers: Casey-Ann Wainer, High School teacher, meditation teacher

This dynamic group meets fortnightly, focusing on a particular topic, to explore practical spiritual strength in everyday life. We invite outstanding women for a short talk on the topic which is followed by an interactive group discussion that explores the topic further. Our group is open to all, is non-denominational and welcomes those wishing to develop self-understanding in a friendly supportive environment; come and discover + nourish your authentic self. There will be meditation, talk, dialogue + networking.

Gentle Men welcome!