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Women Empowerment Group - The Shakti

We are welcoming this week Maureen Chen, to our last Women's Empowerment Group of the year. Maureen has been living in India for the past four years and has now returned back to Sydney after having lived in Asia for 30 years. Maureen established and sustained BK centres throughout Asia and is a great entrepreneur. In Hong Kong she was the Chairperson of Unity for Peace, Secretary of the Living Values Education and of the Asian Business Leadership Exchange ABLE and helped establish Food Link, linking hotels and restaurants with social welfare organisations. In Cambodia she was setting up Living Values Education programs and a social enterprise for victims of land mines, the Khmer Independent Life Team. In 2007 as the Co-ordinator in the Philippines of Asian Think Clean - Think Green Project, she organised 350 cyclists in a Cycle Rally for from Siem Reap to Angkor Wat for Climate Change awareness. She established a vegetarian community cafe in Siem Reap, Cambodia where regular Permaculture Trainings for NGOs were held as well as exhibitions on Environmental Awareness. Having lived in Asia as a Western woman she has a few stories up her sleeve ! 
In Australia she has been awarded Justice of Peace for service to the community by the Governor General of Australia.

The Shakti


Goddesses are revered in India.  The tradition upholds the Shakti, feminine spiritual power, however as elsewhere it has been greatly compromised. Living in India for the past four years Maureen has witnessed and heard of some of the best and the worst experiences of women that she will be sharing with us.
Guest speaker: Maureen Chen, from Sydney is married to a Malaysian Chinese, lived in Asia for the 30 years and among other things taught meditation and self development programs. She has travelled widely in Asia and experienced life there from a Western woman's perspective. She organised big events such as  ‘The Future of Power Dialogues’  in India for the past four years.

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