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Thursday Conversation - From Deficit to Abundance/Agreements

Thursday Conversation - From Deficit to Abundance/Agreements
Conny will be returning that morning from the BK Headquarter in Mt Abu, India, fully empowered and happy to share the positive frequency of abundance. Learning to let go of what exhausts me, weighs me down, I need to increase my awareness of what does exhaust me and makes me tired. Letting go of accepting the expectations and assumptions of others, my own judgement of others and operating from a victim consciousness - is the biggest relief of exhaustion. How can I increase my awareness and power to change into a consciousness of abundance and that I am ‘enough’. This time we explore how to agree on some principles, that help us to stay light and keep off the weight.

Facilitator: Conny Dietzschold, co-founder meditation space, curator and academic lecturer COFA, gallery owner

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