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Thur 5.09.2013 / 6 - 7.30 pm / Thursday Talk - Inner Leadership Course Part 4 - Sustaining the Journey

Understanding the practical impact of gaining inner power and the concept of clean living, self-esteem and the central role of meditation]

In the present pressure-driven world there is an increasing demand not only for efficiency and timelines, but for more emotional sensitivity over ourselves from within. We have two lives - the one we live and the one we could live if we were able to understand how to liberate the potential of the values and strengths that reside inside us. There is so much more than just living on automatic pilot going from one day to the next, from one situation to the next, impelled by circumstance and obligations. Real and lasting change does not come from quick fix recipes but from a deep sense of purpose and the self-discipline necessary to give that purpose direction. The subjects related to Inner Leadership are, if we want to really be able to lead others, we first have to be able to lead ourselves. The Qs of what, why, how to and where to are the subjects of this Inner Leadership course. This is the final session of Inner Leadership that consists of four parts (one each month)  Coach: Conny Dietzschold, co-founder of meditation space