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Wed 7.08.2013 / 6.30 - 8.00 pm / Women's Empowerment Group - Finding my Inner Compass amidst outer chaos

Women's Empowerment Group -  Gentle Men welcome ! Finding my Inner Compass amidst outer chaos

There was a time that Devorah would have described her life as chaotic, making no sense and painful with moments of respite between each tumultuous event. Not so today. With absolute conviction she knows that there was and is Goodness holding her at each turn. She will share how she came to understand the Goodness as a 'safety-net'. In a candid and open manner Devorah will share personal life-events that could have broken her. Instead they lead to hearing her still small voice within. Today Devorah is living her dream. Despite almost dying - twice - while writing her PhD, she completed and achieved the highest academic award for outstanding calibre scholarship.


Guest speaker: Dr Devorah Wainer, academic at Sydney University, Human Rights Institute. For 16 years she has advocated for asylum-seeking refugees. She meditates since many years, her latest adventure is Ashtange Yoga.

This dynamic group meets fortnightly, focusing on a particular topic, to explore practical spiritual strength in everyday life. We invite outstanding women for a short talk on the topic which is followed by an interactive group discussion that explores the topic further. Our group is open to all, is non-denomational and welcomes those wishing to develop self-understanding in a friendly supportive environment; come and discover and nourish your authentic self. There will be meditation, talk, dialogue and networking opportunities