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Thur 1.8.2013 / 6.00 - 7.30 pm / Thursday Talk - Mindfulness & Compassionate Living

6.00 - 6.30pm / Tibetan & Crystal Singing Bowls Meditation
6.30 - 7.30 pm / Thursday Talk - Mindfulness & Compassionate Living


Mindfulness is to pay attention to whatever arises in the moment. When we are present to our experience in an open mind and nonjudgmental way, we are practicing mindfulness. Compassion is the understanding or empathy for the suffering of others and helping them to come out from the suffering. While living in a world with endless sorrow, we can only help those who are suffering when we create a constant stock of love, enthusiasm and positivity. Meditation offers a magic key to an extraordinary tool to maintain mental, emotional and spiritual health in a world increasingly challenged by anxiety, stress and depression.

Speaker: Charlie Hogg, National Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris, Australia.