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Thur 25.07.2013 / 6 - 7.30 pm / Happiness Project - Session 7 - My Perfect Life - GOALS - Set Goals and Achieve


Setting goals allows you to create a road map for where you want to go in your life. By stopping to examine what you want to achieve you can create a clear vision for how you are going to get there - slowly and surely, one step and goal at a time. Putting pen to paper and the simple act of writing down your goals, is an integral step in getting started. What are you waiting for?

You will be looking at your health, finance & career, personal development, family and friends and start living the life you want.

This session is part of the 'Happiness Project' - a series of self examining session, of how to discover and reach your complete, content and happy state of being, your higher meaning and purpose of life, so you can thrive and reach your dreams. A down to earth approach to discover your 'Self', what you want in life and create that.


Speaker: Conny Dietzschold, co-founder of meditation space, coach and teacher in the field of personal development and meditation since 34 years, inspirational speaker internationally and an expert in event organisation since 1984 (conferences, congress, symposia and dialogues on 'New Consciousness for our Future'), curator and director of CDG Galleries in Sydney, Cologne and Hong Kong