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Wed 24.07.2013 / 6.30 - 8.00 pm / Women’s Empowerment Group - Being a leader in education

Women's Empowerment Group 

Being a leader in education with love for creativity and of bringing people together to create a community of interest!

Linda has claimed a high profile in a male dominated domain of computer science without sacrificing her feminine qualities and her favorite subject is CREATIVTY. In many walks of life, creativity is seen as a desirable 'something' that can be beneficial to organisations as well as to individual people and groups. Creativity is highly valued because we believe that it can deliver significant advantages such as gaining a leading edge in business or establishing the basis for lifetime of satisfaction and even happiness. That creativity is "a good thing" is rarely disputed and yet, when we cart to try to be more precise about we mean by creativity, it soon becomes apparent that there are many different views as to what it is. If we make claims that it is possible to enhance creativity, we need to first be clear about what exactly we are aiming for: what do we mean about creativity? Linda explores the multi-dimensional aspects of creativity and the role of research in contributing to our knowledge. 

Gentle Men welcome !


Guest speaker: Prof Linda Candy, is presently an Adjunct Professor in the Creativity and Cognition Research Studios at the UTS Sydney where she supervises practice-based research and advise on the evaluation of interactive art installations. Prior to this, she was the project manager of the CRC Construction Innovation project 'Team Collaboration in High Bandwidth Virtual Environments'.

Linda is living in Sydney and London and her subject is creativity in art and science with a focus on practice based research and methodologies for evaluating interactive digital systems. She completed her first degree of BA at the University of Adelaide and had a career change working later as a a researcher at Loughborough University and completed a doctorate in computer science. She is the co-founder of the Creativity and Cognition conference series and an editorial board member of the Journal of Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education and the International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation. As a guest editor of special issues for Leonardo, Design Studios and the international Journal of Human Computer Interaction, she has been active in promoting awareness about creativity support environments in the arts, computing and design communities.

This dynamic group meets fortnightly, focusing on a particular topic, to explore practical spiritual strengths in everyday life.  We invite outstanding women for a short talk on the topic which is followed by an interactive group discussion that explores the topic further. Our group is open to all, is non-denominational and welcomes those wishing self-understanding in a friendly supportive environment; come and discover and nourish your authentic self. There will be meditation, talk, dialogue and networking opportunities.