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Fri 7.06.2013 / 6 - 7.30 pm / Film Night 'I A M' You have the power to change the World

A highly motivated documentary of the fascinating journey to the core of our being with discussion after the film. 

After an accident, the life of Hollywood film producer Tom Shadyac (Chuck & Larry, Bruce Almighty) changed completely. Instead of continuing chasing after success, he tried to find an answer to two questions: 'What is wrong with our world?' and 'What can we change?'. Shadyac converses with brilliant thinkers such as Desmund Tutu and summarises his insights in a moving and humorous way. However, at the end of his expedition he doesn't find THE answer, but new inspirations like 'What if we had the solution to all problems all the time in front of us? "We began with the question of what has all gone wrong in this world and discovered in the end, that all is ok !"

This film is not available in Australia yet. Through our connections we were able to get a copy at Amazon in Germany.

Link to trailer: