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Thur 16.05.2013 / 6 - 7.30 pm / Thursday Talk - Turning the Ordinary into Extra-ordinary: powering up your actions with spiritual awareness

Each moment of our lives provide an opportunity for us to make a significant contribution to our world, if we are aware enough. When we carry a powerful awareness that is filled with stillness into our ordinary everyday tasks, we can have a a very special and extra-ordinary impact. Join us to learn how to create a powerful awareness in the ordinary of moments and leave a mark in a very positive way.

Speaker: Stephen Berkley, health administrator and consultant since 26 years for the Australian and the UK governments and trust hospitals, as well as for cancer research NGO. He currently works as the Manager of Organisational Development at the J Watumull Global Hospital + Research Center, Mt Abu, India. Stephen facilitates meditation retreats worldwide.