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Wed 8.05.2013 / 6.30 - 8.00 pm / Women Empowerment Group - Nourish and Thrive: How to juggling your everyday life finding and maintaining your Balance?

Stress is a major component we live with nowadays, and while our body has adopted to a constant level of stress, we go-go-go until we fall off balance.Stress at work, or because we have no work , family and relationships, children, divorce, living away from your home country, living in the unknown of what will happen in the near future, our living environment, too much or too little exercise, what we eat and drink, food we cannot digest.... and many more stress factors are what we juggle with in our every day life.

Up to 80% of our modern society suffers from Adrenal Fatigue, which is a syndrome related to exhaustion and stress.

We will discuss what we can do to regain our balance, as well as taking actions to stay in balance."

Gentle Men welcome ! 

Guest speaker: Gitta, Health Coach

Gitta has lived away from her home country (Sweden) for 14 years now, while residing in Paris, California, and Sydney. During her stay in Paris at age 27 she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Despite a very difficult recovery, she has regained her health and now has a wealth of knowledge to share about how to find or stay in balance."

The fortnightly talks empower by tapping into our strength and how we put our strength to work. We invite outstanding women to listen to their interesting experiences and explore how to eliminate our personal power leaks, access our strength when we need it most, turn weakness into strengths and work our strengths and empower ourself. There will be meditation, talk, dialogue and networking opportunities.