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Wed 24.04.2013 | 6.30 - 8.00 pm | Women Empowerment Group - From Vision to Reality & music + meditation concert

Gentle Men welcome!

Norma Needham had a dream - in the early 70s she wanted to show that women can do the same as men. Remember the seventies, ladies? She achieved her dream by becoming the first Australian multi millionaire lady by selling cars. After more than 30 years, she sold her business and is now seeking to do more meaningful and profound beneficial things for children and the wider community. Experience a highly motivated soul who loves life and people - she will enrapture you and inject you with her love and enthusiasm to just share and be lovely. Accompany Norma on her journey and become part of her life.

After sharing with the whole group there is a special surprise for you. You will be treated to a most exquisite musical feast. Katy Tsai, Bek Wermut and her friends will be playing for you songs from their latest CD 'Buddha's Playground'. The music is simple and elegant - meditative and immerse, beautifully tuned percussions, harp and drums. It will deeply relax you, taking you into a peaceful state and yet you will enjoy full musical integrity. This organic and free-flowing music will take you to unimaginable heights, landscapes and secret spaces in your soul.

Guest speaker: Norma Needham, a lovely soul who is on her journey ....

Guest Musicians: Katy Tsai, Bek Wermut & friends

The fortnightly talks empower by tapping into our strength and how we put our strength to work. We invite outstanding women to listen to their interesting experiences and explore how to eliminate our personal power leaks, access our strength when we need it most, turn weakness into strengths and work our strengths and empower ourself. There will be meditation, talk, dialogue and networking opportunities.