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Thur 11.4.2013 | 6 - 7.30 pm | Thursday Talk - The Powers developed through Meditation

This workshop will be about how to experience the benefits of the transformative powers you can achieve through regular practice of Raja Yoga meditation. There will be three practical exercises during the workshop focussing on how to connect with my inner peace and how to ensure that I can keep these experiences and use them in my daily life to 1. Increase my peace of mind 2. Enhance my overall wellness and relaxation 3. Improve my relationships at home and at work.

Speaker: Michael Timmins, has a professional experience in international financial markets, sales training and coaching roles. In 1997 Michael initiated 'Peace of Mind' a Meditation Retreat held in Mt Abu annually. He is the Director of Worthwhile Projects Pty Ltd, a Sydney based specialist consultancy that provides advisory services to business, government and community based organisations to deliver ethical outcomes in the community, the environment and the workplace. Michael is also the creator of the Masterpiece Meditation Workshops which includes a meditation CD called the 'Journey Within'. He is a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris since 1975.