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Wed 10.4.2013 | 6.30 - 8.00 pm | Women Empowerment Group - How to Create Empowering Beliefs

Gentle Men welcome !

Beliefs are ideas we have about ourselves, our relationships, our life, our viewpoints and beliefs about what supports us and some of these drive us and makes us feel strong and confident. And we have those ‘other’ beliefs that do not serve us in our lives. Know the ones? So what do we do with beliefs that don’t serve us? Most of us have taken more than one stab at trying to “get rid” of a negative belief only to have it pop up and say hello at a later date. 'Empowering Beliefs' is one of the key steps in Vicki's 7 Energy Principles to Empowerment Program. Explore and discover new ways to implement new beliefs..

Guest speaker: Vicki Anderson, Spiritual Coaching and Hypnotherapist in Health and Wellbeing

The fortnightly talks empower by tapping into our strength and how we put our strength to work. We invite outstanding women to listen to their interesting experiences and explore how to eliminate our personal power leaks, access our strength when we need it most, turn weakness into strengths and work our strengths and empower ourself. There will be meditation, talk, dialogue and networking opportunities.