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Wed 13.11.2013 / 6.30 - 8.00 pm / Women’s Empowerment Group / Courage - Persistence & Self-Belief

Debbie touches on her story of losing her brother to suicide, being diagnosed with an incurable disease and how she started her business without any capital or knowledge of the industry, her struggles and her mindset. Debbie survived hard times by having courage, persistence and self-belief, the three ingredients she believes are essential in reaching your goals.

Gentle Men welcome!

Guest speaker: Debbie Carr, is a keynote speaker, radio host at Eagle Waves Radio on ‘Eagle Health Biz’ and a regular guest on Sharina’s show on Radio 2UE. In 2009 she founded Australia’s only women speaker bureau, Voxy Lady. In 2013 she combined the extensive list of female speakers and entrepreneurs with Vox Presenters, which is both, a Speaker Bureau and Directory. She is also an independent Recruitment Consultant at RecruitLoop and a blogger, who has been featured in many podcasts, radio and print.