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Wed 27.11.2013 / 6.30-8pm / Women’s Empowerment Group - The Invisibility of the Older Woman

The Invisibility of the Older Woman

Why is it that as women claim their power while growing older and wiser that they become increasingly invisible? What does this mean for the contemporary woman? How does society lose out when this happens?

UK-based Women’s Advocate Gina Lazenby is visiting Sydney and the conversation about the invisibility is very timely.  New Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s choice of just one woman alongside 18 men for his cabinet has drawn attention to the role of women in top positions of power….or the lack of women. It happens in other areas of life too.

Why is that?  Are there really so a few senior, qualified,  experienced women to choose from? Could it be that we are still looking at things through an old inappropriate lens and in fact, the women are there but they can’t be seen? It will make for an interesting group discussion. Gina will talk about the two things that need to happen to change this in society …. and what other countries are doing that support the increased visibility of women at all ages.

See Gina Lazenby’s short video:

Gentle Men welcome!


Guest speaker: Gina Lazenby CEO Women Gathering Project London, author of The Healthy Home and international renowned speaker of Caring Economics, Global Women's Enterpreneurs, the Rise of the Feminine and Feng Shui.

This dynamic group meets fortnightly, focusing on a particular topic, to explore practical spiritual strength in life. We invite outstanding women for a short talk on the topic which is followed by an interactive group discussion that explores the topic further. Our group is open to all, is non-denominational and welcomes those wishing to develop self-understanding in a friendly supportive environment; come and discover and nourish your authentic self. There will be meditation, talk, dialogue and networking opportunities.