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Wed 2.10.2013 / 6 - 8.00 pm / Healthy Minds Healthy Planet

Please join us and welcome our overseas visitors, members of the international Brahma Kumaris Green Initiative, who will be talking about how our minds affect the planet. Any real contribution to cause change has to come from within. By nurturing our minds with positive thoughts based on love and respect and the interdependence of all things, we can have a very powerful and positive affect on each other, the environment as well as ourselves

Facilitators: Golo Piltz, Director, Solar Research Institute, World Renewal Spiritual Trust (Germany/India), will talk on how Climate change is related to a change of lifestyle. Together with nature, we are part of one complete living system that is deeply connected with, and changed by, our consciousness.

Through a presentation, Golo will illustrated the India One, Solar Thermal Plant in Mount Abu, India.Brahma Kumaris is the first Institution to install a solar power plant of such a large scale. What is impossible becomes possible if there is a vision. The Solar India One Project is a contribution to change our emission foot print (

Golo also talked at the UNSW Institute for Environmental Studies IES Lunchtime Seminar Series on India One: Solar thermal electricity for India: 


Sonja Ohlsson, International Coordinator BK Environment Initiative and national coordinator of Brahma Kumaris Denmark, will relate to Climate Change and Consciousness. This initiative aims to awaken people to a greater understanding of the connection between nature, our environment and consciousness. It encourages collaboration with and learning from others through dialogue.