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BK Jayanti visit to Sydney

A short video of Sr Jayanti sharing some invaluable, simple and practical tips to experience happiness in daily life

The Empowered Women - Inspiring Women to BE the Change

Dear friends of the City Fringe Meditation Space and the Women's Empowerment Group!

Join a wonderful gathering of women on Tuesday 3 December. 

Now is an exciting time as women around the world feel called to find their voice and step forward. A brand new grass roots womens movement is emerging from India to Saudi Arabia, and sweeping through the first world. The message is loud and clear, it is time for women to take the lead!

Three inspiring speakers will share their journeys and insights to help women see how they can take their place in the world and feel empowered to step up with confidence to be part of this change. 

Please join us for an empowering interlude in your busy schedule. You won't regret it.

Please find your personal invitation to a special gathering of women and book your free ticket now 

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Warm regards and we look forward to seeing you there

on behalf of the WEGs Planning Committee
Vicki Grace, Liza Feeney, Judi Pemell, Peggy Wallach, Deb Carr, Gina Lazenby, Julie Ankers, Cimone-Louise Fung & Florian Schaeffer

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The Empowered Woman - longer description

The Empowered Woman - longer description

BK Profile

BK Profile

BK Jayanti Profile

BK Jayanti Profile