Thoughts for the Month

Turn your mind to the Benefit you can bring | May 2016

Turn your mind to the Benefit you can bring

Om shanti. Some of my good friends work in the world of business and want to know how to make the experience of working in business more spiritual so that it can bring benefit to the world. To connect our minds to Him, to the source of abundance, you can remember this while engaged in business too. Don’t have your mind attuned to wealth. Instead turn your mind to the benefit you can bring and to the great Benefactor. When you maintain this awareness, then the quality of your actions will be such that you will be able to serve others automatically. You will be amazed. Then wherever you set foot you will serve. This helps you become free from attachments and from ego. Check this and change it in yourselves, and you will be an inspiration for others.

With love Dadi Janki

See the Light | November 2015

See the Light

Om shanti. What we see in the world, is not so much about the world as it is about our own level of consciousness. It is our vision that makes us see values or negative traits in others. One way to understand this is that there are three levels of awareness - degraded, mixed and elevated.

To have degraded level of consciousness is to be in a state of negativity. They think and do bad things. They waste time and they rarely have time to hear about good things or to check their own level of awareness.

To have a mixed level of consciousness is to fluctuate between what is negative and what is positive. Sometimes they are pleased with themselves and sometimes they criticize themselves and others. To have a positive level on consciousness is to have good intend and attitude accordingly, to have a positive vision for the self and others. They see virtues, values and become that and negativity disappears.

With love Dadi Janki

Do not allow your Mind to be trapped | September 2015

Do not allow your Mind to be trapped

Om shanti. Today many are talking about yoga and meditation. The meditation we are talking about is spiritual. The self is a spiritual being in a physical body. The soul contains an intellect, a mind and patterns of though coming from our many experiences.

Whatever food we eat, whatever company we keep, affects our body. Free yourself from the desire to have things and from attachments to people and material things. When you do this, the mind becomes completely peaceful. Don’t allow your mind to become trapped in limited desires and things. Engage your mind with the Supreme Source, the Ocean of Light, Love and Purity

With love Dadi Janki

Remain Light | August 2015

Remain Light

Om shanti. Sometimes work is making you feel heavy. Don’t allow this to happen. Don’t allow your mind and heart to be bothered by anything. When misunderstandings happen, let your mind be peaceful, so your intellect works properly.

Every moment of every day should feel right. Don’t become influenced by others’ opinion or by their positions. I don’t look at you in terms of position. I look at you as souls. Our relationships stay in harmony when we connect with one another as souls. Remain soul conscious and you will naturally remain light and then everything will be all right.

With love Dadi Janki

The Power of Silence | July 2015

The Power of Silence

Feel the strength to be in silence and accumulate happiness and share it with others
Om shanti. Shanti means peace, and when we sit together in peace, the vibrations from this reach far and wide. Nothing needs to be said. We don’t need to come into a lot of sound. Let the mind and the memory track be still. This creates a wonderful experience: no mind, no memory track. In this state, we are beyond all sound and worries. When there are no thoughts, there is no influence on the memory track. Feel the pull and the strength to be in silence, and then fill your silence with the quality of happiness. Accumulate happiness in this way and share it with others.

With love Dadi Janki