We are a community without physical barriers

Staying connected by merging offline with online 

city fringe meditation space aim is to provide meditation and personal-development seminars to the community with no barriers. We have addressed the financial barrier through our donate as you feel business model. 

However, we have heard very often that people of our community could not attend to some of our sessions as they had to work late, were traveling or simply could not get to us for other reasons. We have had requests for recordings which we could not followup as we did not have the processes nor the technology in place to support this.

We believe we do now have the processes and the technology to support a community without physical barriers through the support of new online tools by merging offline with online.

The aim is to allow

  • remote event participation
  • recorded event playback
  • community sharing
  • community conversations
  • questions and answer sessions

We are a community without financial barriers

city fringe meditation space aim is to provide meditation and personal-development seminars to the community with no barriers. We like to see that everyone can take as much benefit as they like by coming to the centre without there being any financial barrier to those who are limited in what they can give back and contribute. We offer therefore all our events on a donate as you feel basis, so everyone can give back based on the value received and based on each ones personal financial situation. We have faith that in our community some will give more to make up for what others give less. 

We are faced with the same overheads of rent and other program related expenses as a normal business providing courses and talks on a daily basis and for which many charge on average $25-35 per hour. Our business model relies on 100% funding via your contributions as well as the generosity of our volunteers and presenters who kindly donate their time. We have to be fully self sufficient as there is no extra funding coming from the outside like Brahma Kumaris Australia, as some of you believe. Our committed core team makes sure that any financial short fall is always taken care off to keep the program running.  

All donations we receive are a commentary on the generosity of our community. Every contribution counts and has an impact on our ability to continue to provide an excellent experience to our community that is you, our participants, regular student and presenters. Be part of a community, which will change the world through one act of kindness at a time. 

Your generosity matters
as we are 100% funded through your contributions.
Your ongoing support allows us to keep offering the programs you love and allows you to take continued benefit.


Inspirational Thoughts for the Month | July 2016

Everything will be good

Om shanti. You are learning to have mastery over your thoughts and feelings, so you can bring benefit to the world. This is not the time to get upset with anyone else. It is not the time to become dependent on anyone. We can never know what will happen, but we do know that if we keep our thoughts and feelings positive, everything will be god. Put a full stop to negative and wasteful thoughts. When you put a full stop, and keep the Supreme Source as your companion, you will not experience anything to be a problem. You will dance in happiness.

With love Dadi Janki

Turn your mind to the Benefit you can bring | May 2016

Turn your mind to the Benefit you can bring

Om shanti. Some of my good friends work in the world of business and want to know how to make the experience of working in business more spiritual so that it can bring benefit to the world. To connect our minds to Him, to the source of abundance, you can remember this while engaged in business too. Don’t have your mind attuned to wealth. Instead turn your mind to the benefit you can bring and to the great Benefactor. When you maintain this awareness, then the quality of your actions will be such that you will be able to serve others automatically. You will be amazed. Then wherever you set foot you will serve. This helps you become free from attachments and from ego. Check this and change it in yourselves, and you will be an inspiration for others.

With love Dadi Janki

My Purpose in Life | April 2016

My Purpose in Life

Om shanti. Some of you sometimes have the question about your purpose in life. My purpose in life is to think good thoughts. No matter what someone may be like, they are their good sides. They don’t only have defects. Creating a purposeful life is learning to live with good wishes and pure feelings for the self and for others. When I look at you, I see your goodness, your qualities that have caused you to want to live a life with purpose.

This desire to live a valuable life is what has caused us to remain close, isn’t it? The heart feels that this is right. When we engage in pure thinking, there is only benefit for the self and for others. Live your life with the confidence that it’s going to be good. Everything is going to turn out fine.

With love Dadi Janki