BK Jayanti visit to Sydney

A short video of Sr Jayanti sharing some invaluable, simple and practical tips to experience happiness in daily life

The Empowered Women - Inspiring Women to BE the Change

Dear friends of the City Fringe Meditation Space and the Women's Empowerment Group!

Join a wonderful gathering of women on Tuesday 3 December. 

Now is an exciting time as women around the world feel called to find their voice and step forward. A brand new grass roots womens movement is emerging from India to Saudi Arabia, and sweeping through the first world. The message is loud and clear, it is time for women to take the lead!

Three inspiring speakers will share their journeys and insights to help women see how they can take their place in the world and feel empowered to step up with confidence to be part of this change. 

Please join us for an empowering interlude in your busy schedule. You won't regret it.

Please find your personal invitation to a special gathering of women and book your free ticket now 

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Warm regards and we look forward to seeing you there

on behalf of the WEGs Planning Committee
Vicki Grace, Liza Feeney, Judi Pemell, Peggy Wallach, Deb Carr, Gina Lazenby, Julie Ankers, Cimone-Louise Fung & Florian Schaeffer

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The Empowered Woman - longer description

The Empowered Woman - longer description

BK Profile

BK Profile

BK Jayanti Profile

BK Jayanti Profile

30 Day Awareness Challenge

16-05-2013 Talk by Steven Berkley on Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary

Each moment of our lives provide an opportunity for us to make a significant contribution to our world, if we are aware enough. When we carry a powerful awareness that is filled with stillness into our ordinary everyday tasks, we can have a a very special and extra-ordinary impact. Join us to learn how to create a powerful awareness in the ordinary of moments and leave a mark in a very positive way.

Steven shared his research and reflections on this topic from his very personal experiences and experiments he did. He shared how mediation improved the quality of his relationships. He learned to perform faster through wasting less time on unproductive thinking. He learned to create a space within himself to hear and listen to his own intuition. Though meditating he preferred the word awareness exercises as this word more truthfully reflected what he was doing. 

One of his favourite experiments is the 30 day awareness challenge. He has shared the many great experience people had who gave this challenge a real go. It is truly amazing the experience those people had. 

30 Days Awareness Challenge

The 30 day awareness challenge goes as follows. Choose a mundane task you perform every day for at least 10 min. This could be making a cup of tee, morning toilet, making breakfast etc. Something not intellectually challenging but something you just do anyway, so that it does not take up extra time of your day. So it is something which integrates into your life easily. When you have the task then commit yourself for 30 days to be more aware of this activity. That is all. Just be more aware and note down you experiences in a log. Just note down your observations, your thoughts during this 10 min. This is an important feedback loop, which will make you aware of your success and your experiences which will proof to you that it works and it will then fuel you with the energy to go on and expand this exercise into other parts of your life. 

The steps are:

- Aim (understanding)
- Experiment (with the new understanding with the heart)
- Observe (the outcome, the feelings)
- Reflect (the new understanding and the outcome)
- Refine (your awareness or understanding or aim)
- (Loop back to experiemt)

It is all about redefining how we see ourselves and to bring this practically into our thoughts, words and actions.

Gentleness is the most needed virtue in this process.
Learn to observe with love.
Be loving in your observations. 

Awareness Tree

- subtle
 - Awareness (seed)
 - Attitude (thought which is repeated more than twice)
 - Outlook (vision)
 - Thoughts
- physical
 - Words
 - Actions
 - World


Stephen Berkley, health administrator and consultant since 26 years for the Australian and the UK governments and trust hospitals, as well as for cancer research NGO. He currently works as the Manager of Organisational Development at the J Watumull Global Hospital + Research Center, Mt Abu, India. Stephen facilitates meditation retreats worldwide.

Talk by Andrew Harvey on Sacred Activism

Wed 22.5.2013 / 7 - 8.00 pm / Sydney Gay Meditation Group with Andrew Harvey on Sacred Activism

On Wed 22.5.2013 we had a wonderful talk and guided meditation organised by the Sydney Gay Mediation Group with Andrew Harvey. Andrew is an internationally renowned mystical scholar and spiritual teacher, poet, novelist and architect of Sacred Activism.

Andrew shared in the 45 min session his the corner stones of his life's journey of his spiritual quest which is very impressive to hear. He traveled the globe and meet many of the very known spiritual teachers including the Dali Lama. The idea that everyone has the potential to be divine, everything comes and merges in beautiful white light came from a couple of mystical experiences he had over the years. These and his capacity to bring those experiences into words inspired him to write the many books he wrote. His most recent quest to help humanity to find a new harmony of passion and balance with all living things and nature came also from a mystical experience which told him that time is short and that the transformation of the word, a tipping point is immanent and that everyone had a choice to change for the better. He since advocates strongly a new form of sacred activism, a combination of spiritual love for the divine which generates clarity and power for the self with social activism to help form a more balanced community amongst humanity and nature. He pointed out that the one question later one which will be asked will not be how good your meditation was, or how peaceful you had been, or good your business performed, but what did you do when the earth cried out, what did you do when you neighbour needed your help? We will be defined by our actions to help in the coming transformation of humanity in general. 

After his brief talk he guided a mediation in which he made everyone sing the sound of the divine mother "Ma" to let the feminine divine energy of compassion and love enter the body and purify all elements and body parts. We dusted off the dusty parts and made every bit shine in golden red light with shining diamonds all over the body. It was a great experience which everyone of the 75 participants shared with great participation.

I am sure most people will look forward to meet Andrew again next time he comes to Australia or on the many other events he runs in Sydney over the coming weeks.

More on Andrew Harvey:

Andrew is an internationally renowned mystical scholar and spiritual teacher, poet, novelist and architect of Sacred Activism. Author of 'Radical Passion: Sacred Love and Wisdom in Action', 'The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism' and 'Heart Yoga'. Film producer of 'In the Fire of Grace - Dancing Rumi's Journey of the Soul, a DVD of Dance and Passion together with Banafsheh Sayyad. Andrew is a brilliant and pioneering thinker. He was educated at Oxford University, the recipient of England's highest academic honour and spent 30 years immersing himself in the mystical tradition of Buddhism, Sufism and Hinduism. The BBC made a documentary on Andrew and he was recently acknowledged as one of the most 'spiritually influential living people of our time'. The TIME magazine called Andrew Harvey 'One of the world's irreplaceable resources.