Program | July 2017

Dear Friends of the meditation space,

Please find attached our program of events for the month of July.

We continue with SAM, an empowering self-development group run by men for men, aiming to explore the spirit of man through informative dialogue, honest interaction and the silence of meditation. SAM - Spirituality and Men, meets on the first Wednesday of every month. This month's guest speaker is James Adcock, who comes from a background of architecture and music, mixed with yoga and meditation. James believes that spirituality isn't about the number of self-help books you read, but rather about 'Simplicity in Spirituality'.

Our special guest speaker of the Women's Empowerment Group is grammy nominated sacred music singer Carmelia Baynie. Carmelia will talk about WOMEN AND THE VOICE OF THE DIVINE, reminding us to rediscover our authentic, powerful, beautiful, instinctive and sacred voices. Carmelia finds that, as women we have a responsibility, our birth rite - to express her truth, from that deep and wondrously interconnected place of divinity.

Please also join us in welcoming a special guest visiting from Sao Paulo, author, consultant and personal development coach Ken O'Donnell, who will be talking about  'Leadership and Trust Building'. Ken, originally from Australia, will share profound and practical insights into developing a fulfilling spiritual lifestyle to manage personal and workplace issues. He will invite you to explore and be practically guided in the simple art of meditation and its relevance, as a support to your leadership, either your own or of others.

If you are interested 'How to' become peaceful, and want to know the differencebetween non-violence and peace, don't miss this two-part workshop run by Casey Wainer, currently a high school and meditation teacher, as well as a graduate of the Non-Violent Interfaith Leadership program 2017.   Exploring non-violence as a framework for living and experiencing peace with ourselves and in our life is the core address of these sessions.

And as we are half way through the year, its time to check our outset of goals for 2017. There are four sessions to guide you to understand and acknowledge your old habits and get an action plan to change and form new habits, as well as celebrating your good habits that you like to keep. 'Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going'.  Welcome to Habit Inspirations.

Also watch out for the special screening of AS SHE IS, a 41 minute meditative film on restoring the sacred balance by Megan McFeelywinner at the Female Eye Film Festival 2016, best documentary.

Wishing you an enjoyable month of July, be kind to yourself and keep warm. 

We hope as always that this month's events will motivate, inspire and empower you and we look forward to welcoming you to the centre. 

And..., if you find these topics valuable, please share this information with your network and bring a friend. And if you wish to support our activities on an ongoing basis, we have upgraded our donation module on our website, which allows you now to also make re-occurring donations online. This link is available on the bottom of our website.

Love and Kindness
Warmly Conny
on behalf of the meditation space team


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