We are a community without financial barriers

city fringe meditation space aim is to provide meditation and personal-development seminars to the community with no barriers. We like to see that everyone can take as much benefit as they like by coming to the centre without there being any financial barrier to those who are limited in what they can give back and contribute. We offer therefore all our events on a donate as you feel basis, so everyone can give back based on the value received and based on each ones personal financial situation. We have faith that in our community some will give more to make up for what others give less. 

We are faced with the same overheads of rent and other program related expenses as a normal business providing courses and talks on a daily basis and for which many charge on average $25-35 per hour. Our business model relies on 100% funding via your contributions as well as the generosity of our volunteers and presenters who kindly donate their time. We have to be fully self sufficient as there is no extra funding coming from the outside like Brahma Kumaris Australia, as some of you believe. Our committed core team makes sure that any financial short fall is always taken care off to keep the program running.  

All donations we receive are a commentary on the generosity of our community. Every contribution counts and has an impact on our ability to continue to provide an excellent experience to our community that is you, our participants, regular student and presenters. Be part of a community, which will change the world through one act of kindness at a time. 

Your generosity matters
as we are 100% funded through your contributions.
Your ongoing support allows us to keep offering the programs you love and allows you to take continued benefit.