Season of Christmas time

Dear Friends of the meditation space,

We are welcoming the special season of Christmas time, a time of turning within and reflection, a time to connect with the Light, to co-create and walk towards a new time, creating my vision for a very special new year.

Enjoy the magic and wonder of this time. Open your heart to receive and give love.
A time of the confluence of the old and the new year - a time to go into silence, turning within to reflect and align ourselves to be able to focus on the creation of newness for the new year.

Our December program has been created with the thought, to give thanks, to express gratitude, to share and enjoy, to prepare ourselves to greet the Light of the new dawn of the new year and hope many of you can come to our Christmas Celebration on Wed 21st Dec.

Wishing you deep and meaningful experiences and golden blessings at this special time of year.

Enjoy and a warm welcome to any of the events or see you again in the New Year
Conny on behalf of the meditation space team