5 Values I like to see more of at the workplace

5 Values to support a health work place culture

If I would be asked what values I would find important for a healthy workplace, than I would give the following answer.

In a supportive work culture people feel * Loved * Understood * Valued * Respected * Safe

If there is some prevailing conflict at the workplace for any reason then people can easily have the experience of feeling * Unloved * Misunderstood * De/Unvalued * Disrespected * Unsafe

Issues and conflicts sometimes resolve themselves over time. The pain experienced during a conflict reduces over time and often gets forgotten. Time heals.

However, some pain does not fade away. Some conflict just drags on for any reason or is even re-triggered too often to be forgotten easily. 
This can feel like a burden, a constant chatter in my mind in and out of work and combined with negative feelings which drag me down. If this happens then using mindfulness and meditation often help me in transforming such a situation for the better, to stop the chatter and to come back to peace.

The technique I use in my meditation is to concentrate on the positive opposite:

  • If I feel unloved, I meditate on loving others more.
  • If I feel misunderstood, then I meditate on being very understanding of others.
  • If I feel not being valued then I meditate on valuing others especially by seeing their good qualities.
  • If I feel disrespected, I meditate on being very respectful to others.
  • If I feel not safe, I meditate on creating a save environment for others where everyone can just be as they are including all their faults.

I enter my meditation loving, detached and with a clear vision for the outcome. That is I meditate with inner determination to succeed in the transformation of a particular situation. At the same time I know I like to mediate regardless of the outcome, which releases me from any stress that I need to succeed. So any outcome is OK.

My Meditation Practice

In my meditation practice I lead my mind through self talk.

I gently guide my mind with just the right frequency of thought suggestions, questions and inner conversation - not too much and not to little - just right so that my mind stays on the journey I choose.

If my mind wonders off - regardless how easily and frequently this happens - than I gently guide it back.

If I find that the selected thought, topic or inner conversation looses its effectiveness, then I change it. Over time I have become more creative in selecting them well.

I know I have chosen well when my meditation experience is of deep peace, relaxation and empowerment.

Meditation Exercise

I use the following thoughts in my meditation to increase being more loving towards the self and others. The meditation can easily be changed to increase the other values discussed above.

"I site comfortably in my chair. I inhale and relax my body when I exhale. I observe my body and make sure all parts are comfortable and can be without further attention of myself for the next 15 minutes or so. I feel how my feet touch the floor. I feel how my arms rest on my legs. I feel my breath to become slower and calmer. I check and observe my body and I feel it to be relaxed, calm and fully OK for the next couple of minutes"

"I turn my attention within and picture myself as a loving person. I like to be loving. It feels good to be loving. When ever I feel loving, my life seems to flow naturally. Love seems to flow outwards from myself towards others. Love seems to flow outwards from myself. The more I let love flow the more love I seem to have. Being loving is an easy and energising experience. I let the loving energy fill the surrounding area (room) I am in. Everything and everyone in the room is entrenched with my loving feelings. It feels good to be inclusive. I acknowledge the inclusion of all people in the room. If not present I invite the person I have a conflict with also into the room. Everyone is included in my loving energy. I imaging everyone in the room to also do the same meditation and that their loving energy is also flooding this room and that I am equally embraced by the loving energy of all others. I feel being connected in a loving exchange of energy with everyone in this room. I acknowledge this to be a my private experience but nevertheless a wonderful experience. It feels good to be in such a wonderful exchange of love."

I stay in this experience as long as I can hold the energy and as long I have time.

When ever my mind brings a different thought in, I kindly respond that now is not the right time and that now is time for some more positive and reflective meditation. However if the thought is important I might choose to write it down so I don’t forget it. I then resume my meditation excersise by gently guiding my mind back using the following:

"I acknowledge this thought and I will resume to it after this meditation. Now, I will resume my meditation. I acknowledge that my body is relaxed. I feel the floor and my hand on my lap. I check my breathing and my body for how calm and relaxed they are. If there is no further attention needed I draw my attention back inside. I remember how much I like to be loving towards myself and others. How much I enjoy being in a loving state of mind. How much I experience life to be generous when I am in a loving mindset."

I give my self ample of time to feel and I only ad new thoughts when or shortly before my mind starts to get board or drifts off.

When its time for a change of thoughts, I bring in the other values or energies I like to enhance as well like * understanding and being understood, * being valued and valuing, * feeling respected and respecting as well as * feeling safe and embracing others.

When the time is up and I need to close the meditation I softly bring myself back.

"I need to move on with my life and close this meditation for now. I acknowledge the experiences I just had over the last 15 minutes or so. I know I can go back to this space when ever I want." "I slowly start to sense my body again. I sense how my feet touch the ground and how my arms lay on my lap. I slowly twinkle my toes and my fingers to gain more an more body awareness until I am fully back. If my body feels like a stretch I stretch myself."

I close the exercise once I am fully back with a minute of introspection. I give myself a minute to check how I felt and how I feel right now?

"I check in with myself. How do I feel right now? How is that different to before the meditation exercise? I acknowledge any change how ever subtle it might be. Its just an experience. If I enjoyed it that is great. If not also OK. I promise myself to do this again soon time permitting. I like to repeat things which I enjoy doing."

Leaving with the promise to return to such an exercise soon is an affirmation of the value I just have seen in this. Its easy for me to forget a good experience so the stronger I can remember it the more likely it is that I will return to it soon.