Become a Friend to the Self

Om shanti. Peace comes with the experience of love. Every human soul is either their own enemy or their own friend. Do you know how you can become a friend to the self? By making God your companion, He gives us the power to do this. When there isn’t love, it is impossible to have happiness or peace. Why do I feel love for you? I, the soul, am a dweller of the world of peace. Here we learn to perform everything with peace. Those who worry and hurry, make a mess. We can have peace of mind when we distinguish between positive and negative thoughts, and make sure the negative thoughts don’t arise. We are also very much affected by the food we eat. Your food should be cooked, distributed and eaten with a lot of love. Whilst living in the body, ask yourself, “What am I the soul doing so that I can remain in peace and those I live with can also be in peace? I ask you to consider these important things.

With Love Dadi Janki