Meaning of each day in December until Christmas

Remember the unity and balance in all things and beings.            

May you be open to this blessedly time.

Prepare yourself for the newness to come.

May your heart be happy and sing and bring you a new vision of life. A day to invite light and hope into your home and to receive the gift of your new blossoming in the heart.

The fifth day is full of hope and joy, you stay in the here and now.                    

Look back and recognize your blessings of past paths, give joy and co-operate with others. Opposites can unite, dual powers don’t have to be opposites.            

Listen to the voice of your heart; it will bring you great beneficent for the next round on earth, the new year.

You can finish something old.

Trust and confidence carry you.

Today you can dare something ‘new’.

Today you will succeed.

Let your heart sing and cheer.

The thirteenth day will bring you power and peace. Celebrate the ‘we’, the community and love - who was accompanying you this year?  Who will go with you to follow new paths? Share your love and feel gratitude, so it may increase and honor life.

New doors will open; let your heart be touched.

Today you will find courage and energy - a new action, that feels good.

The new moon shall turn things around, a merry message will present itself.

The angels sing and will bring you light and love.

Cherish good wishes and feelings, rest in calm and in silence and listen to the divine voice.

Your guardian angel will present you with a loving message.

Let your star shine.

Today is Yule Night and as in old times, one prepares for the new light that is about to break; to receive the light in the night, sweep away the old, listen to the whisper of your soul, realize and read the signs, the oracle in this night - and select from the abundance a bright and new ‘you’.

Enjoy this Christmas time - feel joy and love.

Your home shines in a new light and you open up to the mysteries of light.

Allow your heart to receive the light and open it wide - forgive, forget and be grateful. You are worthy to be loved, to be happy and healthy. Let love and light flood your heart. The eternal tree is bright and shines. I, the soul am complete and enough - receive the golden rain of blessings and share it with the whole world. This new light illuminates the earth and reminds us of the eternal light and that a new day is dawning.

The greatest gift on Christmas, the Holy Night, is the light of love. You are being blessed by the great secret, so share and celebrate with great joy and happiness and honor creation, the eternal source, at any time, at any place.

Now the holy nights begin - listen to the whispers, notice the new seeds of light, how they stir within; the new year gets ready.
Until the 6th January you will find out what is to come, what is and what was.
Can you re-negotiate your destiny and change old things into new fortune? 
The gates are wide open, walk through and notice the signs, and set the course.