Some background on the meaning of the time leading up to Christmas

During the pre-Christmas time we touch the origin of our existence, create change and new strength in our life. It is a magical time, a time of inner reflection. The angels are close to the earth, guide us into the right direction and support us whilst passing these inner change processes. We can turn to them at any time and walk with them in the light.
We turn within to reflect, finish old things, rest and pause and recharge with light for the next round on this earth, the next year. The spirit of Christmas is a magical time of love.
Take at least fifteen minutes every day now and sit in solitude, be still and watch your dreams and insights during this time, as they are signals for the new year.

Like at the Hindu Festival of Diwali - the Festival of Lights, Christmas time is celebrating the rebirth of the light and is considered a holy time. Even in pre-christian times people celebrated the Yule Fest or the Yule Nights. Life depends completely on the light of the sun. This new light also wants to be received within us, so we can carry it into the new time, the new year.
Customs and system have changed with time, but the time systems have always remained the same, as the ever returning cosmic powers navigate themselves according to the sun, the moon and the earth. They connect us to the great cycles, the recurring cycles of this earth and life and connect us to the wheel of being.
At this time we also feel in a good and blessedly way the power of our ancestors and our roots. We are part of a great cycle of people who came before us, who are with us, and those, who will be after us. We also will stand amidst the ancestors one day.

During pre-Christmas time we run through a process of twenty eight days. Four times seven is twenty eight. This complies with the moon cycle where powers run out and build up again. It is an excellent time to let go of old belief systems and create new positive thought patterns.

Q What old belief systems would I like let go?  What new thought patterns would I like to replace them with.

The christmas wreath symbolizes the wheel of fate, that is being newly fathomed. It represents four paths, four cardinal points and the four main universal powers. It symbolizes the process of creation, the materialization and tells us: ‘What ever we sow, we shall reap and what ever we give into the great cycle, returns to us’. The spirit of Christmas is an alchemistic time, that is connected to the might of fate and the creative forces. Nowadays people either tinker or buy a wreath and light four candles, starting with the first one on the first sunday of December.

The first Christmas calendar ever was presumably created around 1851. 24 pictures were hung on the wall or 24 strokes were drawn onto a door, to count the days until the light was reborn. Todays Christmas calendar starts on the 1st December and ends on 24th December. Twenty four surprises sweeten the anticipation of the Holy Night.