The art of a Meaningful Morning Meditation

Wake up in the morning set the tune of the day by tuning into the energy and direction you need for a successful day. Tuning in can be done by asking the right questions. Questions help your mind to zoom into your intuition and hidden energies.  

Begin with a wonderful and beautiful Good Morning to yourself.
Then feel inspired to contemplate on all or some of the below listed questions:

  1. What am I grateful for?
    In your life, relationships, surroundings
  2. Who do I love?
    Just see what comes up. It might surprise you. Be open and accepting.
  3. Why am I so happy? 
    Give this some time. Smile to this one.
  4. What am I committed to?
    See one aspect which needs your attention in your personal or professional life.
  5. How committed am I?
    Just observe and be honest. Alterations: What is my special effor today?
  6. What is my intention today?
    This will provide you with a focus for the day. Maybe your intent is to meet interesting people, then this will make you more attentive to the conversations you will have.
  7. What is my wish? 
    This is directed to my genie, or angle or the universe. Use whatever your language is. This is creating actively your future. Make this one powerful. Use similar questions like? Wouldn't it be nice if, .... this or that would happen in my life. 
  8. Why am I here?Today, here at this place. This has subquestions like: What can I learn here? What can I contribute here? ... )

Like setting a GPS Navigation System at the beginning of a journey is a guarantee for reaching your destination on the best possible route, in the same way, will a Meaningful Morning Meditation similar to the above suggested help you to navigate safely and successfully through your day. 

Make a Meaningful Morning Mediation your daily practice when you wake up.

Enjoy your creation.