​Want to feel happy?

Some thoughts for contemplation.  

Want to feel happy?
Perhaps you feel like meditation. 
Perhaps you light a candle. 
Perhaps you set up some nice music. 
That's great. 

But where does it all start...?
It all starts with awareness. 
Thoughts come from the awareness that we hold. 

Consider the truism. 
"You are what you think".

Do you think in context of 
lack , issues, negative past, shortcomings
or do you think in context of 
fullness, opportunities, positive future, strength

Some say that 
if you think you can or
if you think you can't 
you are probably right.

Awareness becomes thoughts, 
Thoughts become consciousness
Consciousness becomes action
action creates an impact. 

Now consider the impact your thoughts have on your life, your relationships and your surroundings. 

Do you want to feel miserable, week, depleted, needy, sad, excluded? 
Or do you perhaps want to feel strong, empowered, happy, excited, loved,  included? 

If you think you are a beautify being and our existence has a purpose, value and meaning, ... then it is, ...
then we will use our time and resources with greater respect

Kinder awareness. 
Leads to kinder thoughts.
Leads to kinder consciousness
Leads to kinder action
Leads to a kinder impact.
Impact triggers change. 

One person will share this thoughts with an other, who'll share with another, who'll share with another. 

The more we think. 
The more we share.
The bigger the numbers get. 
The greater the consciousness becomes. 

What started with one person reading this
soon will become
100 then 1000 then 1000000

The time to act is now
The time to act ... collectively ... is now
This creates an impact. 
Impact came from action.

Action came from consciousness.
Consciousness came from thoughts.
Thoughts came from awareness.

Want to feel happy?

It all starts (and ends) with our awareness...

- - -

Reference: Words taken from  a video peace written for the BK Environment Group to Save the Planet by Sandra Amadio and Pratiba Daya and adapted to fit the main narrative "to feel happy"