The art of choosing your radio channel

What tune am I listening to?

Do you listen to a channel playing the 60s?
Do you listen to the old stories of the past?
How do you feel when listening to this?
Does it empower you?
Does it make you happy, excited, interested?
Do you feel empowered, loved and enriched?

What we listen to has an effect on us. 

Who is choosing the tune?

Consider three aspects of yourself:

  • You being the observer?
    The one observing how you feel.
  • You being the director?
    The one choosing or not choosing the radio channel.
  • You being the actor?
    The one listening to the radio channel, the one who takes joy and pain from the current tune presented on the current radio channel.

Looking at it from this perspective then do you change the radio channel when you feel like it?

Do you switch to a funny channel when you need entertainment?
Do you switch to an empowering channel when you feel down?
Do you switch to an exciting channel when you need an energy boost?


Do you feel you are subject to the current channel with no way to change it? 
How does one change the current channel? Especially when one is board or in pain?

What tunes are available to listen to?

Choose your channel.

The radio channel you listen to is not the only channel broadcasting at that time. In a matter of fact all channels broadcast at the same time. The process of tuning in on a channel and a frequency makes a particular channel audible. Only then can you listen to it. It might take some fine tuning to make the sound nice and pleasant. Sometimes a channel is weak and the sound feels very distant. 

This is the same for you. All your feelings are always with you. You know this. You have experience this many times over. Remember you last time you had been promised a great gift and a sudden rush of positive energy, of excitement flushed through your body. Can you remember? Where did this sudden energy come from? Where was this energy just a second before? Who created this energy? The energy became visible with the promise of the gift. This made you automatically tune into excitement, as you remember similar gifts with great excitement. You basically changed the radio receiver to the receiving an exciting gift tune and experienced it instantly. 

What if you could tune into any radio frequency at will at any time you like? You could have all the powers, feelings and energy at your fingertips within a matter of a couple of seconds, just by switching the channel and tuneing in. 

How to choose your tune, your channel?

Ask better quality questions and guide your mind.

The easiest way to tune yourself to a particular channel is by guiding yourself, your mind towards it. This can be accomplished by asking leading questions? Questions are something which make the mind tune in on the answer and if the answer is a new radio channel then the question will automatically tune you into this channel. 

Can you see a difference in the following two questions?

  • Why did this shooting take place in the USA again? So many innocent people died? What can I do? .... How do you feel now? Disempowered, small, insignificant, angry, ... . Are you surprised? Was this what you wanted to feel?
  • What am I grateful about? ... Just ask the question as the Director. Then listen as the actor and observer yourself as the Witness. Just observe. Don't judge. Let it just be what you feel and take account of this. Do you feel great and grateful? How come? Do you like it? Where do you feel it in your body? How does it feel? What is the quality of the feeling?  Take account. Become aware, how you just totally by yourself tuned into your own energy of feeling great and grateful.

This is meditation in action. This is taking charge and choosing the channel you want to listen to. Its your life. You can choose your radio program or choose not to chose, or you just think of choosing and dream about it.  

Its your choice.